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This is all new territory for me, but I am working through a Rails book that was written before start_form_tag was deprecated and I am running into problems with the books example code using remote_form_tag. I have the other forms working but can't get this one up and running. Here's the code:


<ul id="category_list">
    <%= render :partial => 'category', :collection => @categories %>


 <p id="add_link"><%= link_to_function("Add a category", "Element.remove('add_link');       
         Element.show('add_category')") %></p>

 <div id="add_category" style="display:none;">
     <%= form_remote_tag(:url => {:action => 'new'}, 
                     :update => "category_list", 
             :position => :bottom, 
                 :html => {:id => 'category_form'}) %>
       Name: <%= text_field "category", "name" %>
       <%= submit_tag 'Add' %>
    <%= end_form_tag %>

This is exactly how it appears in the book, and doesn't compile. I've tried changing to match the form_tag blocks but the form enclosed by the "add_category" div never shows up.


UPDATE: Just found that it doesn't appear that the prototype script is not getting loaded. both the remove and show methods on Element are showing up as undefined in Firebug. I am not sure why it is not showing up though.

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I left out the = sign when including the javascript libraries in standard.html

Line should be this:

<%= javascript_include_tag :defaults %>

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D'oh! Easy mistake to make. Yeah, wait a couple days and accept it so future searchers will have something to refer to. – wesgarrison Jan 31 '10 at 6:46

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