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I have some understanding of the complexity of opengl and directx but I would have thought that somebody would have written an open source version, which brings me to the other questions, do M$ and OpenGL ARB have full access to Nvidia and AMD specs?

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because the graphics cards themselves (and the hardware interfaces) are proprietary, Nvidia and AMD just maintain 2 drivers (one for windows and one for linux) –  ratchet freak Feb 11 at 14:28
Plenty of open source graphics drivers exist. Some of them even accomplish GL3 era functionality. –  Andon M. Coleman Feb 11 at 18:28

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What makes you think that there are no Open Source OpenGL drivers/implementations? For Linux there's the DRM/DRI + Gallium3D + Mesa infrastructure of open source GPU drivers.

do M$ and OpenGL ARB have full access to Nvidia


AMD specs?

Yes, because AMD actually did publish the relevant information years ago, in order to assist the development of the aforementioned open source drivers. See section Open GPU documentation on this AMD website: http://developer.amd.com/resources/documentation-articles/developer-guides-manuals/ – also some AMD developers do contribute to the OSS drivers.

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HaHa, yeah and that's why NVidia is so hated by Linux dev community too :) –  Michael IV Feb 11 at 20:42

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