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I'm trying to built a DAQ on a CAMAC system using Sparrow's Kmax 9.5 . The devices I am using(which must be rather old) are

  1. Sparrow SCM-301 SCSI - CAMAC Crate Controler
  2. Philips 7164 ADC
  3. Hytec LP 1342 List Processor
  4. Hytec Dataway Test Module DTM4

I am using a ready template from Kmax but I feel that I lack terminology. I don't know for instance those terms

  1. LAM Mask register
  2. LAM Status Register
  3. Instruction Pointer
  4. Instruction Store
  5. Read Pointer
  6. Write Pointer
  7. Test Booked

I know for instance that a LAM is a Look At Me event. The thing is I don't know how to built my own DAQ. For instance I don't know how to use the memory, how long should the buffer be etc.

Any suggestions or references for reading are more that welcome!

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