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I am using the HP ALM API to fetch a field from the database. The problem is that it can happend, that this field does not exist on the project, and everytime that happens, I get the error bellow.

How can I check the field object properly to make sure that I don't get this "Invalid customization field name" anymore?


Set field = custFields.Field("TEST", "TS_USER_88") <-- crashes here

label = field.UserLabel
If label = Null Then
    Print "[" & Sysdate() & "] Project can NOT be migrated..."
    Print "[" & Sysdate() & "] FIELD TS_USER_88 NOT FOUND - PROJECT IS NOT SUPPORTED."
End If


xy.vbs(126, 7) (null): Invalid customization field name
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You'll want to wrap your code in "On Error Resume Next", then handle the error.

On Error Resume Next
Set field = custFields.Field("TEST", "TS_USER_88")

If Err.Number <> 0 Then
  'Do Something to handle your error

  'Clear the error
End If
On Error Goto 0

'more stuff down here

Here's some more info on the Err object and some of it's properties:


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