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Each time I try to use the dbWriteTable function from RMySQL package in R 3.0 (but also in R 2.15 before) I get this error "Erreur dans tolower(avail) : chaîne de charactères multioctets incorrecte 45", which means something like "Error in tolower(avail) : Multibyte string error X". And I can't find any solution, I don't even understand where this error is generated.

Here are the facts : I work on Mac OS X 10.9.1 but had this error on 10.8.x and I have it as well on Debian. Both MySQL and R are on the same machine (or not, it doesn't make any difference). For testing purpose I have created at table with only numerical values and I read it's content with RMySQL (no problem) then try to reinject it in MySQL with dbWriteTable, and boom. Here's the R script :


conn <- dbConnect("MySQL", user="userr", password="passworrd", dbname="dbtest")

res <- dbSendQuery(conn, statement = paste("SELECT * FROM testable"))
input <- fetch(res, n = -1)

dbWriteTable(conn, "testable2", input, row.names = T, overwrite = FALSE, append = T)  


The table content being :

  id testval
1  1   76
2  2   47417

The user owns the DB. The fetch works fine but not the dbWriteTable. The error is probably related to some character coding but I can't figure out what.

I'm using R version 3.0.2 (2013-09-25), RMySQL 0.9-3, DBI 0.2-7 and MySQL 5.6.14, Mac OS X 10.9.1 .
I have the same issue on Rstudio server hosted on a Debian machine.

The Mysql on Debian (don't know where to find these on Mac) log says :

- 140211 14:04:15      24 Connect   userr@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx on dbtest
- 140211 14:04:32      24 Query show tables
- 140211 14:04:52      24 Quit   

So, my humble wish is that someone could put me on the good track !


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Solution : it was a collation problem in the database; I created another DB with Coding UTF-8 (like the first one) but this time with collation utf8_general_ci instead of utf8_bin, and there it worked perfectly. Long question, short answer.

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