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I am trying to plot a scatter plot using certain colours for certain data points.

data = np.genfromtxt('overallplotfile.csv',delimiter=',',dtype=str,skiprows=1)
data2 = np.genfromtxt('overallplotfile.csv',delimiter=',',dtype=float,skiprows=1)
x = data2[:,1]
y = data2[:,3]
z = data[:,2]

Column 2 (z) now contains station names which I want to later assign colours to.


assigns colours to the station names in z.

    use_colours = {"KNZ": "red", "PXZ": "red", "BFZ": "red","MQZ": "red","OPZ": "red","TUZ": "red","PUZ": "red","TSZ": "red","WEL": "red","MRZ": "red","KHZ": "red","ODZ": "red","MLZ": "red",    "VRZ": "green", "WIZ": "green", "NNZ": "green",  "THZ": "green",  "WVZ": "green",  "WKZ": "green", "MLZ": "green","WHZ": "green",  "PYZ": "green", "TOZ": "blue","TLZ": "cyan", "HIZ": "cyan","QRZ": "cyan","DSZ": "cyan", "FOZ": "cyan","JCZ": "cyan","MSZ": "cyan","DCZ": "cyan",  "WAZ": "yellow",  "WIZ": "yellow",  "URZ": "yellow","LTZ": "yellow","RPZ": "yellow","LBZ": "yellow","EAZ": "yellow", "MXZ" = "magenta", "BKZ" = "magenta","MWZ" = "magenta", "OXZ" = "magenta", "APZ" = "magenta"}

    ax.scatter(x,y,c=[use_colours[x[0]] for x in z],s=50)

Labels the data points with the station names. map(text,x,y,z)

However I am getting an invalid syntax error when I try to assign the colours to the stations. Can anyone help me?

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Could you post the traceback? –  Bach Feb 11 '14 at 15:43

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You are using the = symbol instead of the : symbol at the end of your dict definition. That might cause a SyntaxError.

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