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I am trying to show an image in a tooltip, but all i get is the plain text.
Code :<s:textfield label="cvv" name="cvv" tooltip="<img src='%{images}/cvv_34.gif'>" />

When I hover on my tooltip image all I see is the text <img src='xyz.com/cvv_34.gif'>

I have tried jsTooltipEnabled and it doesn't help. I am able to open the image in a separate browser, so image path's, etc are all good.

Any help would be appretiated.

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Check this link for some nice examples... jquery.bassistance.de/tooltip/demo –  Crusaderpyro Feb 11 '14 at 15:50

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That is because the input is escaped and I think it is not good practice to reference an image there. If you like fancy Tooltips take a look at the jQuery and css frameworks you are maybe using.

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This is not depends on struts, but I recommend qTip2.


With this you can show almost everything in a tooltip. Simple text, or a complete html enabled content. Also you can make this tooltip ajax enable too.

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