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I am processing a large csv file in Mule from an SFTP server.

I need to read it in from an input directory, move it to a tmp directory and when finished move it to an archive directory.

The first two i can accomplish easily. But what is the best way to move it to the archive folder when finished?

The archiveDir option on the sftp transport only archives a copy on the local server where mule is running but not on the remote sftp server.

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Looking for the same functionality. Best candidate at the moment is to perform an SFTP copy on Flow completion. – Damo May 1 at 3:17

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Use something like this in the mule flow while connecting to sftp server.

<flow name="receive_files">
....// sftp connection configuration
                    <file:outbound-endpoint path="${global.workdir}/dir1/dir2/archive/inbound/#[function:datestamp-yyyy-MM-dd_HH-mm-ss.SSS]" />
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