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I'm using jQuery DataTables in my application and I'm losing my horizontal scrollbar when I load data into it.

vehicleTable = $('#table_vehicleInfo').dataTable({
        "bInfo": false,
        "bFilter": false,
        "bSort": false,
        "bPaginate": false,
        "bJQueryUI": true,
        "bAutoScroll": true,
        "bAutoWidth": true,
        "sScrollY": "75px",
        "sScrollX": "100%"

I have enough columns that extend the width of my table. On initial load there's a scrollbar. When I load a single row into the table the scrollbar is gone but my data in loaded in.

Here's some css:

  border 3px solid #51707F
  margin 0px auto
  padding 0px
  text-align center
  font-size 14px
  overflow hidden
  background #FFFFFF
  border-radius 8px  /* create curved box edges */
  -moz-border-radius 8px  /* create curved box edges */
  -webkit-border-radius 8px  /* create curved box edges */

  margin 0 auto
  padding 0px
  width 100%
  overflow auto
  cellspacing 0px

  width: 100%

Here's the Jade file (HTML renderer)

div#vehicleInfoDiv.vehicleTableDivs  <!-- TABLE DIV -->
h2 Vehicle Information
table#table_vehicleInfo.vehicleTables  <!-- TABLE -->
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