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I have a Twisted application that someone else wrote. There is a file run.py which makes it run in the foreground. There is also a twistd plugin named as service.tac that makes it run in the background. Around 90% of the code is the same in both the .py and .tac file.

Is it possible to combine the two together? Or is that a bad idea?

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You can run the tac file in the foreground: twistd -n -y service.tac.

So perhaps you can just delete the run.py file.

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Just to add a minor comment to this: .tac files ought to be very short; really something that imports a function from a module and then calls it with some parameters; you shouldn't have a lot of logic or even a lot of objects in the .tac file itself, because they're quite annoying to test properly. –  Glyph Feb 11 '14 at 20:16

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