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I want to be sure that endpoints API serves information only via https:

  1. How to force API to use https only on whole API.
  2. How to force specific method to use https only.

What kind of code I should include in Google App Engine Java or Python27?

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Google Cloud Endpoints only serves deployed APIs over https, by default, and without a way to override it. If this is your desired behavior, you're all set.

During local testing you will see APIs served over http, but this is due to the lack of certificates and support for SSL in the local server.

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80% of answer to score - one completion please if you know? Can I serve endpoints without certificate mean on production or I have to buy some certificate to start infrastructure (no want to do it but if required I need think about it)? – Chameleon Feb 11 '14 at 18:50
Yes, you can serve on without paying for a certificate. (There is a certificate, but it's Google's and you don't have to pay for it.) – Dan Holevoet Feb 11 '14 at 19:34
@DanHolevoet Sorry to revive a 2-year old thread. I have a follow-up question on similar lines. Can my non-SSL custom domain say access my endpoints at ? – DFB Jan 25 at 5:58

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