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I have a PlannerShiftView user control in the root folder of my ASP.NET web site. In my App_Code folder, I have a ShiftViewTemplate class that needs to instantiate a PlannerShiftView (for a TemplateField in a GridView). The problem is, the following code doesn't compile because the PlannerShiftView type is not available in what I deem to be the App_Code 'phantom namespace'.

Please can somebody explain to be what is happening here, as well as what to do. I know I can just move the ShiftViewTemplate out of App_Code, going against convention and without explantion, but that is something of a hollow victory.

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ASP.Net websites do not compile into a single assembly, but into several ones. Therefore the code of your user control in not referenceable by the App_Code assembly.

The way I solved a similar case:

  • declare an IPlannerShiftView interface in App_Code or an external assembly

  • declare the PlannerShiftView control as implementing the IPlannerShiftView interface

  • instantiate the control using Page.LoadControl, and cast to interface

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Good idea, but a bit of work. Pity we have to do this. For now, I'm just taking the ShiftViewTemplate out of App_Code. It is UI code after all. –  ProfK Jan 31 '10 at 8:20

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