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I am fully aware that this question has seen numerous variants, so please examine it thoroughly before down-voting it as I'm certain that a clear solution will help many others also.

I have a series of radio buttons being dynamically generated as part of a loop through database records. One radio per record in HTML. Each radio button is being assigned an array index value of the record id;

<input type="radio" id="use_msg_id[1]" value="1" />
<input type="radio" id="use_msg_id[2]" value="2" />
<input type="radio" id="use_msg_id[3]" value="3" />
<input type="radio" id="use_msg_id[4]" value="4" />

When a user clicks, let's say, on the radio button with use_msg_id[3], I need jQuery to be able to gather that index value for me. I know there's a way to do it, but have not been searching the right terms to find the proper solution.


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If indexes are always going to be sorted in that order, then you could use index() – Alvaro Feb 11 '14 at 18:27
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You can use regex to extract number

    var index = $(this).val().match(/\d+/);


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For index I believe he refeers to the number between brackets in the id tag, therefore this solution only works if that number is related with the order in which they appear in the DOM. – Alvaro Feb 11 '14 at 18:28
That would be correct, I need that number in the brackets. – Skittles Feb 11 '14 at 18:30
@Satpal - That's perfect! It returns ["2", index: 0, input: "2"] for the one I clicked on. I should be able to extract the id from that result. Thank you. :) – Skittles Feb 11 '14 at 18:35
@Skittles, Glad I could help and you should also that Alvaro for clarification – Satpal Feb 11 '14 at 18:37
Indeed! @Alvaro, thank you for bringing that clarity to this question. I'm certain this will help many others out greatly. – Skittles Feb 11 '14 at 18:39


 parseInt($(this).attr('id').replace(/use_msg_id[/, '').replace(/]/,''));
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var id = this.id.substr(this.id.indexOf("["), this.id.indexOf("]"))
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Additionally, this answer actually has brought solution to another aspect of the same process I am working through. So, thank you for this as well! – Skittles Feb 11 '14 at 18:46

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