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"Click Build Phrases and under Copy Headers, move all of the Public and Private entries to the Project section."

I'm stumped. I'm trying to follow this final step, but when I go to the Build Phrases tab in Xcode, I see, specifically, four things:

-> Target Dependencies (1 item)

-> Compile Sources (146 items)

-> Link Binary With Libraries (10 items)

-> Copy Bundle Resources (101 items)

none of these things match "Copy Headers." I'm very noob, so if someone could help, I would really appreciate it. Thanks everyone.

(I'm ultimately trying to solve the "does not contain a single bundle" error, and this is in the tutorials)

I'm literally directly referring to Archiving project in Xcode incorrectly creates multi-application bundle Everyone is talking about "Copy Headers." Where is it?

I have two targets for my project: my .app, and objectivechipmunk

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So, after many hours I finally figured out how to prevent the "does not contain a single bundle" error. You need to not skip install in your main .app file. You should only skip install in your other files, specifically for me, objective chipmunk.

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