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I was looking at another SO Question that shows it is possible to change the default refactoring code snippets. Is there a way for the snippet to replace $classname$ and $methodname$ with the generated class and method names respectively. I would like this to generate the code when I click on the generate method stub refactor menu item from the context menu.

I have looked around online and I the only thing I can find is a list of three "functions" that only seem to work in surround and insert snippets, and don't do what I want(except for the classname).

Here is what I have for the snippet:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<CodeSnippets xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/2005/CodeSnippet">
   <CodeSnippet Format="1.0.0">
         <Title>Method Stub - Exception Body</Title>
         <Description>Snippet for generating method stub with an exception in body</Description>
         <Author>Mjr Gator</Author>
            <Literal Editable="true">
            <Literal default="true" Editable="false">
               <ToolTip>Class name</ToolTip>
            <Literal default="true" Editable="false">
               <ToolTip>Method name</ToolTip>
          <Code Language="csharp">
        $end$throw new $Exception$("$classname$.$methodname$");

This code snippet inserts the code as the following:(with example generated code)

private static void DoSpsImport() {
  throw new NotImplementedException( "ClassNamePlaceholder.MethodNamePlaceholder()" );

The output / generated code I would like to have would be along the lines of:

private static void DoImport() {
   throw new NotImplementedException("BLLEDI.DoImport()");
  1. Is this possible with VS Snippets?
  2. Alternatives?

I find myself typing this all over the place while working on large projects, this would save me a lot of time.

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