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i need to retrieve information regarding a ventrilo server's status. ventrilo's website offers a service to retrieve information about a server. for example, this is the game arena ventrilo server:

i am trying to grab the part under "Channel and User info.". but that table has no id and there are many other tables on the page. how can i go about doing this?

i also heard that some browsers do not allow you to load external content. how could i get around this?

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Do you have access to a server-side scripting language or do you want to do this in the client-side? – brianpeiris Jan 31 '10 at 9:03

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In addition to Marc's answer, you could use Yahoo's YQL service to retrieve the table with the following query

select * from html where url="" and xpath='//center[4]/table'

You can then use the YQL result with jQuery to display the table on your website shown in the following demo.

Working Demo (editable via

Full Source


  ventriloStatus = $('#ventriloStatus'),
  hostname = '',
  port = 25000,
  ventriloURL = '' + hostname + '&port=' + port,
  yqlURL = '',
  xpath = '//center[4]/table',
  query = 'select * from html where url="' + ventriloURL + '" and xpath="' + xpath + '"'
  data = {
    q: query,
    format: 'xml',
    diagnostics: false

$.getJSON(yqlURL, data, function (response) {
  ventriloStatus.html(response.results[0]).find('img').each(function () {
    this.src = '' + this.src.split('/').slice(-1)[0];


<!DOCTYPE html>
<script class="jsbin" src=""></script>
<meta charset=utf-8 />
<title>Ventrilo with YQL</title>
  body { font: 8pt sans-serif; }
  p { display: inline; }
  #ventriloStatus{ width: 600px; }
  <h1>Ventrilo Status</h1>
  <div id="ventriloStatus"></div>
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Two ways:

1) If there is a JSON service, you may use JSONP (check on google, but I personally dont like this)

2) If your server side use PHP, take a look at PHPQuery, do the scraping server-side in a script, and call that script in AJAX to get the extracted data (you may want to implement some level of caching, since you are using a gateway... APC would be a friendly tool there).

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