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I want to use the R performance analytics on my data. I get the data from the database and it looks like this:

PnL<-GetDRWPnLByDesk("Entity A") # this gets the data from the database

Here is what the data looks like:

businessdate     PnL
1   2014-01-01     40.39
2   2014-01-02   48.42
3   2014-01-03    17.00
4   2014-01-06  -925.71
5   2014-01-07 -1020.52

Here are the classes of my 2 columns

class(PnL$businessdate) [1] "POSIXct" "POSIXt"

> class(PnL$PnL) [1] "numeric"

Now I want to use the charts.PerformanceSummary() function so I create a time series object and try to use it:

 PnL_TS <- xts(PnL$PnL, order.by=as.Date(PnL$businessdate, format="%Y%m%d"))

But I get an error: Error in ts(PnL$PnL, start = min(PnL$businessdate), end = max(PnL$businessdate)) : invalid time series parameters specified

Any ideas how to fix it?

thank you.

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Why is this tagged SAS? –  scott Feb 11 at 19:03
It was an error I removed the SAS tag. –  user3022875 Feb 11 at 19:15
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