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I'm using CakePHP on ubuntu 12.04 and trying to set up a shell for a mysqldump. I've followed several tutorials regarding the .my.cnf file (such as this and this) but I'm not sure that it's actually using the cnf file that I tell it to use (more details towards the bottom).

First, I created the CakePHP shell and put the username/password directly in it just to see if it would execute properly, and it did.

exec('mysqldump  --user=root --password=mypassword --host=localhost MyDatabase> /var/www/app/db_backups/'."backup-" . date("Y-m-d") . ".sql");

Edit - Ok, I figured a bunch of things out but still no luck

exec('mysqldump  --defaults-extra-file=~/.my.cnf --host=localhost MyDatabase > /var/www/app/db_backups/'."backup-" . date("Y-m-d") . ".sql");

When I specify the host and the database like in the above exec function I get this error: Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES) when trying to connect. I changed the username in the .my.cnf file and it the error reflected the username change when I ran it again.

Ok, so now I know I have the correct .my.cnf file. I added the host and database to .my.cf instead of in the exec function. When I run it, it now appears to function properly.. However, upon opening the sql output file it shows

Usage: mysqldump [OPTIONS] database [tables]
OR     mysqldump [OPTIONS] --databases [OPTIONS] DB1 [DB2 DB3...]
OR     mysqldump [OPTIONS] --all-databases [OPTIONS]
For more options, use mysqldump --help

So basically it looks like it doesn't see the host or database despite it now picking from the correct .my.cnf file as I showed above with the username change. The file now looks something like


I've also tried putting them under [mysql], [client] and a range of other combinations, but they all just spit out that same sqldump options message

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You are sure that you used --user and --password, right? Cause you can use -u and -p, but the only way I could reproduce that error knowing that both user and password are right, was when I tried -password –  Patrick Bard Feb 11 at 20:39
Yep, 100% sure I used --user and --password. I just ran it again to double check. –  user1104854 Feb 11 at 20:40
Seems really strange, I don't have any idea why it would happen like this. Normally when this kind of error happens it is just a minor thing that you never really think about, if you checked everything like you said, I don't know what it could be... –  Patrick Bard Feb 11 at 20:45
What happens if you create a simple .php file connecting to the database like this, using variables for each parameter, then running the exec() with the same variables on the String? You should get an error on both... then you could compare with your database.php configuration file. –  Patrick Bard Feb 11 at 20:52
@PatrickBard When I include the host and database in the exec function I get an access denied message. If I move the database/host into the cnf file it doesn't see them and basically dumps a sql file just stating options I can choose from. It does however see the username and password. So, I think the database and host have to go in the cnf file, I'm just not sure what to put them under (client, mysql, mysqldump, etc...) –  user1104854 Feb 11 at 20:58

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