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I'm helping to maintain an app that uses Apache Shiro.

We want our users to be able to logout, but keep their "remember me" cookie, but apparently this isn't supported by Shiro (scroll to bottom of page):


When you log out in Shiro it will close out the user session and removes any associated identity from the subject instance. If you're using RememberMe in a web environment, then .logout() will, by default, also delete the RememberMe cookie from the browser.

What's the best way to achieve this goal?

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You could:

  1. Copy the RememberMe cookie.
  2. Perform their logout.
  3. Then copy it back into place.

Never used Apache Shiro, so I'm not sure how it'd work or if it would accomplish what you want to accomplish.

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thanks for the feedback!. We thought about doing this, but Shiro encrypts the username in the cookie nicely... and it seems like this feature should be optional, not required. –  Brad Parks Feb 12 '14 at 9:37
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Turns out this could be done by using a custom security manager:

public class CustomSecurityManager extends DefaultWebSecurityManager {
    protected void beforeLogout(Subject subject)
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