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I have a C++/CLI DLL that exposes a PSCmdlet class; I've implemented some simple stuff in BeginProcessing for a Get operation, and verified it works. Once the DLL is built, I can Import-Module in Powershell and begin using the cmdlet without any issues.

Now, I want to access some native code from this cmdlet. I am able to link my cmdlet and a static library containing the compiled C++ (unmanaged) code, and I can include the headers and write code - everything compiles and looks good, no errors.

However, when I use any of the native/unmanaged code in the Cmdlet, Powershell's Load-Module fails to load the DLL, with the following error:

Import-Module : The specified module 'C:\whatever\CppCmdlet.dll' was not loaded because no valid module file was found in any module directory. At line:1 char:1 + Import-Module C:\whatever\CppCmdlet.dll + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : ResourceUnavailable: (C:\whatever\CppCmdlet.dll:String) [Import-Module], FileNot FoundException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Modules_ModuleNotFound,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.ImportModuleCommand

The native code is fairly complex; suffice it to say that there is a class called Foo, defined in Foo.h and implemented in Foo.cpp, that I am getting from Foo.lib and trying to use in my cmdlet as follows:

#include "Foo.h"

// other stuff

void CppCmdlet::BeginProcessing()
    Foo *foo = new Foo();
    // some stuff
    delete foo;
    foo = 0;

    // rest of the cmdlet code

I've compared the native DLL packaging Foo.lib (let's call it Foo.dll) to my CppCmdlet.dll using Depends.exe, and they look pretty similar. The native DLL works (of course not in PS, but the things that use it work fine), and the CppCmdlet.dll works fine if I do nothing besides remove the "foo" lines in the above snippet... but taken together, Powershell is complaining about the module not existing / being valid / etc.

Has anybody else seen this, or have an idea what's going on? My impression is that what I'm trying to do should be possible, since C++/CLI is meant for interop with unmanaged code, but I have had no end to troubles trying to get this to work.

(Note: I have tried building Foo.cpp as managed code inside the CppCmdlet.dll binary, but this fails for reasons that I don't want to try to work around).

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