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I'm trying to create a partition programatically. I've tried following the example on the ApacheDS website (https://directory.apache.org/apacheds/basic-ug/1.4.3-adding-partition.html#adding-a-partition-programmatically) , but this example is definitely not correct.

Here is my code:

LdapConnection connection = new LdapNetworkConnection(host, port);     
connection.bind(admin, password);

SchemaManager schemaManager = connection.getSchemaManager();
Dn suffixDn = new Dn(schemaManager, "dc=newParition,dc=com");

JdbmPartition newPartition = new JdbmPartition(schemaManager);
newPartition.setPartitionPath(new URI("file:///var/lib/apacheds-2.0.0-M15/default/partitions/newParition"));

newPartition.addIndex(new JdbmIndex("objectClass", false));
newPartition.addIndex(new JdbmIndex("dc", false));

Entry contextEntry = new DefaultEntry(schemaManager, suffixDn);
contextEntry.put("objectClass", "domain", "top");
contextEntry.put("dc", "newParition");

newPartition.add(new AddOperationContext(null, contextEntry)); 

I'm seeing the following error when I try to add the contextEntry to the partition:

org.apache.directory.api.ldap.model.exception.LdapSchemaViolationException: ERR_219 Entry dc=newParition,dc=com contains no entryCsn attribute: Entry …

It doesn't even look like the partition is being added to my server (when I restart my apacheds server, I don't see any new namingContexts under the Root DSE). I think I'm missing some steps here, but not sure what they are. I'd greatly appreciate the help.


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I am getting same error? Did you find any solution..Did you find any method to create partition using code....Please post solution – rishiAgar Jan 19 '15 at 15:46

An advice from the Apache DS dev's mailing list:

"// ALWAYS add an entry using CoreSession's API". Check http://apaste.info/KHX for a nearly complete example of how to add a partition. The missing class EmbeddedServer is as follows:

 private static final class EmbeddedServer {
    private DirectoryService directoryService;
    private LdapServer ldapService;

    public EmbeddedServer(final String host, final int port) throws Exception {
        init(host, port);

    private void init(final String host, final int port) throws Exception {

        DefaultDirectoryServiceFactory factory = new DefaultDirectoryServiceFactory();
        this.directoryService = factory.getDirectoryService();
        this.directoryService.setInstanceLayout(new InstanceLayout("/tmp/ldapServer"));

        this.ldapService = new LdapServer();
        this.ldapService.setTransports(new TcpTransport(host, port));

    public void start() throws Exception {


    public void stop() throws Exception {

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The paste has expired making this answer unusable. – rve Jul 6 '15 at 8:03
Damn, the paste was not provided by me. Unfortunately I can not provide an alternative. – Sebastian Jul 7 '15 at 9:40

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