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I have a folder structure like this...


I mirrored this in my SVN repository without the unversioned folder


I checked out into versioned and more-versioned, but I realised that really I should have checked out into web-app, so I checked it out as a top level folder and mapped it to my local /main/project/web-app folder.

I expected SVN (or Tortoise which I am using as a client) to figure out that this was a directly mapped parent folder and for me to be able to submit all changed in sub-folders of web-app, however when I try that I get a message saying nothing has changed in web-app.

What do I need to do to get SVN and/or Tortoise to map my local web-app folder, and its contents, to the repository, and ignore the unversioned folder?

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So, you did svn checkout web-app to c:\path\web-app, edited some files in web-app working copy, then did an svn commit? Please be more concise on the steps to reproduce –  Sam Post Jan 31 '10 at 10:32

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  1. Check out /main/project/web-app. This will give you a working copy folder, called web-app, that contains versioned and more-versioned.
  2. Drop your unversioned folder into this newly created web-app folder.
  3. Ignore unversioned (by setting the svn:ignore property on web-app to unversioned).

Your use of the phrase "check out into" makes me think you have pre-existing target folders before you create your working copy. This should not be the case. Checking out will create the folder(s) for you.

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