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I just upgraded my Dart editor to the latest version and the option to generate JS has disappeared from the Tools menu. I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone else have this problem or any ideas what to do? Thanks!

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I think I remember reading something about setting up dart2js as a transformer and using pub build instead. – Greg Lowe Feb 11 '14 at 22:41

It has been removed and you should use Pub build instead:

  • Removed the Generate JavaScript menu option.
    • Users should use pub build to generate javascript.

(From the Google+ post about the update).

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Configuring the Built-in dart2js Transformer

In pubspec.yaml:

    - $dart2js:
        checked: true
        minify: true
        verbose: true
        analyzeAll: true
        suppressWarnings: true
        suppressHints: true
        terse: true

Triggers on pub_build command performed (not pub get (my stumbling-block :-( )).

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