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I would like to allow clients of my endpoints to mask the fields that my web service will return. I've noticed that there is a "fields" field in the Google APIs Explorer that looks like it is meant for this feature. However, I cannot find any documentation on how I can access "fields" from my Java Endpoints handler methods in order to carry out the wishes of the client and return the reduced set of data. Is this a supported feature? If so, how do I leverage it?

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In the Cloud Endpoints Generated Client code, you will find that for each of the methods that you have exposed, there is a setFields method that you can set. Use that and it should return the specific fields only.

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I appreciate the attempt, but this doesn't really answer the question. You're only describing how to mask the fields on the client side. The question is how to do so in the request handlers of the server side. –  jpitt42 Feb 15 at 18:15

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