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I need to use difxapi.dll from my Delphi project (Pascal). I tried to import it as a type library in Delphi, but Delphi gave me an error with a long backtrace.

Maybe i am doing something wrong? How should i correctly add this lib to my Delphi project so i can use it? It's Delphi XE2 if it matters.

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What is the actual error that Delphi is reporting? –  Remy Lebeau Feb 11 at 23:39
Isn't difxapi.dll a "standard" DLL and not an Active X DLL? –  Graymatter Feb 12 at 0:44
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DIFxAPI is a standard 32-bit dynamic link library (DLL), not an ActiveX library. There is no type library to import for a normal DLL.

To use DIFxAPI.DLL in your application, you need to translate the DIFxAPI.h file to Delphi, and then call those imported procedures from your Delphi application. (You'll want to either import the W versions of the API functions, or use PAnsiChar instead of PChar in your imported functions, as XE2 uses Unicode.)

You can find more information on the MSDN pages in Linking an Installation Application to DIFxAPI.DLL

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Thanks. This was my suspicion too. –  user245481 Feb 12 at 23:46
@user This is the answer. Is suggest that you accept it. –  David Heffernan Feb 13 at 7:21
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