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I need update my document by inserting {four: five, six: seven} in three

    query: {_id: doc._id},
    update: {
        $set: {one: two, three: {four: five, six: seven}},
        $unset: {eight: ""}
    new: true
}, function(err, data) {


I'm using mongojs in node.js and an error occurs.


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What is the error that you're getting? I think you should use something like 'one': 'two', and so on. –  Rodrigo Medeiros Feb 12 at 1:05
# # Fatal error in ../deps/v8/src/api.h, line 297 # CHECK(allow_empty_handle || that != __null) failed # and dozens of more lines... –  fran.tr Feb 12 at 1:13
I think you should edit your question and add more of your code, and the error stack too. For example, what kind of object is doc? –  Rodrigo Medeiros Feb 12 at 1:29
That does not matter. If I replace {four: five, six: seven} for four, it works. –  fran.tr Feb 12 at 10:38
Well, I've tried and was able to replicate a similar cenario, and it worked. I've had to guess what the values of the variables were, so I just used two = 'two', five = 'five' and so on. And I had to use an alternative to the doc._id, like mongojs.ObjectId('52fb9a126893e9e4479f06ab'). The object was changed, as expected, to something like { "_id": ObjectId("52fb9a126893e9e4479f06ab"), "one": "two", "three": { "four": "five", "six": "seven" } }. –  Rodrigo Medeiros Feb 12 at 16:20

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