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I not sure if I doing this correct way but I like make a query with choices, SO if no choice than query will show all result if choice is "souce_A" then query should show only the results with this source type. Here is my forms and views


class SourceSelection(forms.Form):
    sources = forms.ModelMultipleChoiceField(
        queryset=Source.objects.all(), required=False)
    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        super(SourceSelection, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
        self.fields['sources'].choices = [(s.id, s.name) for s in Source.objects.all()]


def queryset(request):
    start_time = None
    end_time = None
    platform = None
    source = None
    t_form = TimeSelection()
    p_form = PlatformSelection()
    s_form = SourceSelection()
    if request.method == "POST":
        t_form = TimeSelection(request.POST)
        p_form = PlatformSelection(request.POST)
        s_form = SourceSelection(request.POST)
        if t_form.is_valid() and p_form.is_valid() and s_form.is_valid():
            start_time = datetime.datetime.combine(
                t_form.cleaned_data.get('t_start'), datetime.time.min)
            end_time = datetime.datetime.combine(
                t_form.cleaned_data.get('t_end'), datetime.time.max)
            platform = p_form.cleaned_data.get('platforms')
            source = s_form.cleaned_data.get('sources')
        t_form = TimeSelection()
        p_form = PlatformSelection()
        s_form = SourceSelection()
    data = Event.objects.filter(sourcetype_id__in=[1], status_id__in=[1,2,7,8],
                                event_datetime__range=(start_time, end_time)
                                    service_id__in=[759, 7]
    return render_to_response('platforms.html',
                              {'t_form': t_form,
                               'p_form': p_form,
                               's_form': s_form,
                               'data': data,
                               'start_time': start_time,
                               'end_time': end_time,
                               'platform': platform,
                               'source': source,
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