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I want to connect Dart application to Google App Engine application using endpoints with authentication user with Google Accounts.

Where can I find some good example/tutorial how to connect this three fundamental things Dart, GAE, GA together to allow access to API with user right control.

I am new to Dart so has no idea how to do it and not found yet information about it. I can write endpoints API easily.

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Good hint I already read it and generate some API client. Is there any example of authentication. –  Chameleon Feb 17 at 9:43

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There is no such "Tutorial" because Dart cannot be integrated with Google App Engine yet. See this "bug" https://code.google.com/p/googleappengine/issues/detail?id=6092

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IMHO the question was not about running Dart on GAE but about connecting to an app running on GAE. –  Günter Zöchbauer Feb 12 at 7:54
It is not answer on THIS question. This answers different question which I am not asked (is it possible to run dart on google app engine). I asked how to connect i.e. Python endpoints on GAE with Dart web application. –  Chameleon Feb 16 at 20:29

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