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I'm facing a problem with counting the lines of a microsoft word file generated via php based on a xml template. first I've created a template document in microsoft word and saved it in xml format. I can write into it my contents from a database without a problem. but when I open the generated word document I can't find any carriage return that would allow me to count the number of lines. here is a little snap of the code I use just for testing it :

$myContent =file_get_contents("document.xml");
$myContent =str_replace("@title@",$titre,$myContent);
$myContent =str_replace("@anounce@",$annonce,$myContent);
$myContent =str_replace("@depot@",$depot_legale,$myContent);
$myContent =str_replace("@city@",$ville,$myContent);
$myContent =str_replace("@date@",$date_depot,$myContent);
$myContent =str_replace("@number@",$num_depot,$myContent);

$word_file = '../annonces_word/'.$directory.'/'.$random.$doc;
$newFileHandler = fopen($word_file,"a");

this code works fine for me but when it comes to use the count function "count($word_file) it can't return the correct value. any idea ? thank you very much :)

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