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I want to create site a-la StackOverflow, but for different needs (not for wuestions at all - for some crazy geo-mapping project), so I need CMS. I waqnt it to be looking like StackOverflow.

Is there any Open Source PHP script/lib/cms for creating sites a-la StackOverflow?

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May be there is some WordPress MU them or some thing like that? –  Rella Jan 31 '10 at 13:09

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Somebody built a stack overflow clone on top of the drupal plattform: ArrayShift (demo site). It might perfectly fit your needs, having the very strong drupal cms below the stack overflow functionality.

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I highly recommend Silverstripe for the purpose, http://www.silverstripe.org/, since I started using it I've recommended clients to do the transfer from Drupal and Joomla whenever possible.

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