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The question says all what is important. When it is necessary to use a a4J:outputpanel and when a4j:region?

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The documentation says it all:

The <a4j:region> component specifies a part of the JSF component tree to be processed on the server. The region causes all the a4j and rich Ajax controls to execute: decoding, validating, and updating the model. The region causes these components to execute even if not explicitly declared. As such, processing areas can more easily be marked using a declarative approach.

This is like naming all components explicitly in the execute attribute to an action. Take this example:

<h:inputText id="outerStuff" value="#{bean.blubb}" />
<a4j:region id="innerRegion">
  <h:inputText id="stuff1" value="#{bean.bla}" />
  <h:inputText id="stuff2" value="#{bean.bla2}" />
  <a4j:commandButton action="#{bean.process}" value="click me" />

all following three commandButton definitions are equivalent:

  <a4j:commandButton action="#{bean.process}" value="click me" 
      execute="stuff1,stuff2,@this" />
  <a4j:commandButton action="#{bean.process}" value="click me" 
      execute="@region" />
  <a4j:commandButton action="#{bean.process}" value="click me" />

The third works because the showcase documentation says:

However, if the controls wrapped with the a4j:region tag and have no execute definitions, they use execute="@region" instead.

In contrast to that, an <a4j:outputPanel> is modelled after an <h:panelGroup> with the added feature of the ajaxRendered attribute. If you leave it off, it behaves like a panelGroup (renders a span or div element). If you enable it, it causes it's contents to be rendered with each AJAX request (unless the component causing the request was annotated limitRender).

To summarize: <a4j:region> influences how Richfaces executes the view/updates the model and <a4j:outputPanel> changes the way the view is rendered.

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