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How to select column name from one table's row and row from another table column?

Let's say ColumnTable has a column ColumnOfTbl1. Now ColumnOfTbl1 has column name defined in row of ColumnTable's column name ColumnTbl1. I have to pick data from ColumnOfTbl1 and column name from ColumnTable's column.

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Your question makes no sense at all - can you provide a sample? What would your table and another table look like, what data would be stored in them, and what are you trying to do with that data?? –  marc_s Feb 12 at 7:05
select (select columnname from columnlist where coltrue = 'true') from columndata where colid < 100 –  user3252143 Feb 12 at 7:17
@user3252143 nobody is gone steal you code here, just post your code. People are very willing to help, but you have to assist them. –  Paul Feb 12 at 7:41
thanks. But My question is very simple. I simply want to pickup column from other table's row and data related to that column from another table. Pivot may be used to achieve answer of this problem. But how? –  user3252143 Feb 12 at 9:38
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