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I have list of array that hold the value of X & Y and it save in .txt file. I also have the button "Load data from computer".

Now i want to create function where when the user click the load button, it will open the file explorer directory, user then able to choose the file. When user click the file, the system will automatically load and plot the data in the .txt files to the chart where the graph are created.

I'm having trouble with this function,can someone help me with this function?

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What have you tried So far? Give us some code. –  Rohan Feb 12 at 6:48
Split your big question into small and you will find everything you need. –  FSou1 Feb 12 at 6:49
possible duplicate stackoverflow.com/questions/16136383/… –  Thomas Lindvall Feb 12 at 6:51

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  1. use openfiledialog to open the file explorer

  2. use text reader to read the text file

  3. use any commercial chart control to render the data to chart

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