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I have quite a basic question but I am unable to find anything on the net.

Basically I have a masterpage with an updatepanel and a placeholder within that updatepanel. I am switching pages using the LoadControl feature.

My issue is this. Since I am using update panels, I am registering script using "ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptInclude"

The problem is I have PagesJS.JS and UserJS.JS which both have a Save() method both posting to different pages(obviously I am registering each script to a different page). What happens is, when I access Pages.ascx control first then access User.asxc after, the save of User.ascx is triggering the Save() of PageJS.js

Is it possible to clear scripts on page load of different pages?

I have checked to ensure that both pages are registering the correct script. Is there a way how to clear script from the ScriptManager?


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