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Is it possible to set environment variable from beaglebone SPL code?

I am using beaglebone based custom board, which has NAND flash memory.
I am able to read the environment variable using getenv() function but setenv() doesnt seem to work Here is the code which i have added in the s_init() function of board.c file in u-boot source code. I added code at the end of s_init() function.

 char* vendor; 
 char data[20];
 vendor = getenv("vendor");
 vendor = getenv("vendor");

When i compile and flash spl(MLO), i see correct output from getenv() function i.e. it matches with vendor value set in u-boot environment variable.
But after setenv(), puts must print "VENDOR1", which doesn't happen :( it still prints the old value.

Any suggestions, how i can make setenv() function to work ?
does it has something to do with locking/unlocking of flash ? Do i need to unlock before writing it ?

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I think i found why setenv() doesnt work from spl. Because patch comment at link says setenv is not allowed before they are relocated. setenv code also has check if (!(gd->flags & GD_FLG_ENV_READY)) return 1; and i get return 1 from setenv. –  AnkurTank Feb 12 at 7:28

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