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The following mostly works. 'Mostly', because the use of the SOMETHING..\tasks\ pathname confuses Spring when a context XML file tries to include another by relative pathname. So, what I seem to need is a way, in a BAT file, of setting a variable to the parent directory of a pathname.

set ROOT=%~dp0
java -Xmx1g -jar %ROOT%\..\lib\ajar.jar %ROOT%\..\tasks\fas-model.xml tasks
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To resolve a relative path name you can utilize a sub routine call. At the end of your batch file place the following lines:


SET %2=%~f1 

This is a sub routine that resolves its first parameter to a full path (%~f1) and stores the result to the (global) variable named by the 2nd parameter

You can use the routine like this:


After the call you can use the variable %PARENT_ROOT% that contains the parent path name contained in the %ROOT% variable.

Your complete batch file should look like this:

SET ROOT=%~dp0


java -Xmx1g -jar "%PARENT_ROOT%\lib\ajar.jar" "%PARENT_ROOT%\tasks\fas-model.xml" tasks


SET %2=%~f1 
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Hm, nice idea. I'd have abused pushd, popd and %CD% but this one is more elegant, actually. –  Joey Jan 31 '10 at 16:31
@Johannes: Thanks, I also thought about pushd and popd, but i didn't remember the %CD% variable any more. So this way was more obvious to me. –  Frank Bollack Jan 31 '10 at 16:39
Paraphrasing Perl: »Batch files: There's more than one way to do it« ;-) –  Joey Jan 31 '10 at 16:52

Here is a one liner

for %%A in ("%~dp0\..") do set "root_parent=%%~fA"
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To expand on the accepted answer, if you want to keep marching up the path (to get the parent's parent directory, for example), strip the trailing slash:

:: use temp variable to hold the path, so we can substring
:: strip the trailing slash, so we can call it again to get its parent
SET %2=%PARENT_PATH:~0,-1%


echo Parent Root is: %PARENT_ROOT%

would yield C:\My\Path from C:\My\Path\Child\file.bat.

If I understood it better, I'd suggest a "wrapper function" so you could CALL :REMOVE_SEGMENTS %path% 3 PARENT to strip the last 3 segments from %path%.

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