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I have a traditional home phone line from my local telephone company. I subscribe to a few calling features, such as call display, call waiting, visual call waiting, voice mall, etc. Call features are expensive!

I wonder if it possible to build an Asterisk based PBX server to implement all above features by myself? So that I only need to pay for basic phone line and do not need to pay extra dollars for calling features.

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It is possible to replace some services (depending on how your phone company's system might be setup) but this question might be better suited (and answered) over on superuser.com (unless you have a specific programming question since Asterisk allows for user plugins written in C) –  txtechhelp Feb 12 at 8:24
Thank you. I agree. This question should not be on this site. –  Minghui Yu Feb 12 at 17:24
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