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I have a collection that looks like:

  "Attribute name 1"=>{:one_key=>"First Value", :second_key=>"Second Value"},
  "Attribute name 2"=>{:one_key=>"Value 3", :second_key=>"Value 4"},
  "Attribute name 3"=>{:one_key=>"Value 5", :second_key=>"Value 6"}

I have to show a drop-down list where options should be 'Attribute name 1' and values should eq {:one_key=>"First Value", :second_key=>"Second Value"}

That's my view:

select_tag("user[selected_attribute]", options_for_select(CONST_COLLECTION))

But this code produces the following:

<option value="Attribute name 1" one_key="First Value" second_key="Second Value">Attribute name 1</option>
<option value="Attribute name 2" one_key="Value 3" second_key="Value 4">Attribute name 2</option>
<option value="Attribute name 3" one_key="Value 5" second_key="Value 6">Attribute name 3</option>

And that is what controller receives when first option is selected and form is submitted:

Parameters: {..., "user"=>{... "selected_attribute"=>"Attribute name 1", ...}, ...}

Controller receives only label of drop-down list, but this hash {:one_key=>"First Value", :second_key=>"Second Value"} was not passed to controller.

How should I pass values to controller to receive hash value in user['selected_attribute'] like this:

Parameters: {..., "user"=>{... "selected_attribute"=>{:one_key=>"First Value", :second_key=>"Second Value"}, ...}, ...}


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