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I assumed that udp connection does not really care if there is any peer at all on the other side so why could boost asio udp connection throw "send: Connection refused" on socket->send( boost::asio::buffer( data.get(), length ) ); call (I am sending from Linux to Windows, only sending not trying to read any thing)? Is it some network card error or what could it be?

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Boost.Asio is throwing an error with a value of boost::asio::error::connection_refused because the underlying socket's send*() operation is returning an error code of ECONNREFUSED. Per the udp manual page, send*() functions are permitted to return ECONNREFUSED:

All errors documented for socket or ip may be returned by a send or receive on a UDP socket.

    No receiver was associated with the destination address. This might be caused by a previous packet sent over the socket.

While it can be odd to receive a connection related error on a connectionless protocol, the service is still permitted to return detected errors. The unreliable part of the protocol prevents the caller from receiving acknowledgement that the a message was received by the destination. However, this does not preclude the service from reporting a connection refused error if it knows the destination did not receive the message.

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Use send_to. After all, UDP is a connectionless protocol.

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I meant on established connection after some time. Exception comes and goes during application execution on one connection. Meaning we have sent at rate 1 message a second. and we can send 100 messages, then get 10 exceptions then send 1000 more messages on same connection sucsessfully. – DuckQueen Feb 12 '14 at 9:27
@DuckQueen: Giving it a little bit more thought, forget about .connect and .send and just use send_to. Whether it's possible to actually connect to a UDP socket depends on the OS, see stackoverflow.com/questions/9741392/…. – Zeta Feb 12 '14 at 9:36
As non-intuitive as it is, UDP is permitted to return an ECONNREFUSED error even though it is a connection-less protocol. – Tanner Sansbury Feb 12 '14 at 18:24

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