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I have a python script stream.py, that reads json lines from stdin, process it, and writes json lines into stdout.

Example input line from data.json:

{"user_id":3217,"description":"some text"}

Example output line:

{"user_id":3217,"description":"some text PROCESSED","rating":1.78}

In Pig, I tried to stream and manipulate the data this way:

data = LOAD 'data.json';

DEFINE my_stream `./stream.py` output (stdout USING JsonLoader('user_id:int, description:chararray, rating:float'));
data_streamed = STREAM data THROUGH my_stream;

ratings = FOREACH data_streamed GENERATE rating;
ratings_unique = DISTINCT ratings;

ratings_test = LIMIT ratings_unique 10;
DUMP ratings_test;

When I try to execute, I get this error:

pig script failed to validate: java.lang.ClassCastException: class org.apache.pig.builtin.JsonLoader does not implement interface org.apache.pig.StreamToPig

Until now, I only see two solutions (that I would like to avoid if possible):

  1. Storing the streamed data into a "temporary" file and loading it using JsonLoader.
  2. Modifying stream.py to write tsv lines instead of json lines, so that I could load it with the default PigStorage.

Is it possible to make pig streaming work with JsonLoader?

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