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I am just getting started with Red and I need help to get the cURL binding working.

The cURL link from the main red-lang site takes you here

But there is only a small example using Red/System hence I am not sure how to load the binding in Red directly.

I need to get this working on Mac, Linux and maybe Windows so I would appreciate any pointers to differences between these platforms.

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A few things to address:

  1. Next, there are some dependencies between bindings. I am maintaining a github clone if you don't want to use the script download.r in the Red-test files with Fossil. The cURL library explicitly depends on the C-library binding. I didn't look, but like depends on the Common binding at a lower level.

  2. Because of the lack of url! type in Red at the moment, you pass the function read-url a string! or a c-string! more specifically.

  3. With Red/System bindings used in Red, the ideal situation is to have a wrapper that abstracts the lower level code. You can see this on TryRebol with running read "". Although this console build does not seem to use cURL binding for that implementation.

  4. In order to use a Red/System binding in Red, you need to use the #system-global directive. Here is a simple script that grabs the data from a website:

    #system-global [
        #include %../cURL.reds
        with curl [
            print read-url ""
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This works well. I used the github repository from step 1 above as ANSI.reds is required. I also need to install libcurl by running apt-get install libcurl4-gnutls-dev on linux. The other trick was to use red -c as I forgot that the interpreter will not run Red/System code directly. – johnk Mar 12 '14 at 10:41

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