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I'm pretty new to Python. I'm trying to modify a script so it will run in an infinite loop, will get commands from the console and will act according to the commands I defined.

I'm talking about something that can do the following example:

Shell> myconsole.py
> h
Usage: [set_param1 [a1 [a2...]]] [set_param2 [b1 [b2...]]] [send_params]
> set_param1 4
> set_param2 5 6
> send_params
Parameters sent successfully!
> quit

I tried using argpars but I have several issues with it:
1. It doesn't work properly if I don't have at least one arg with '-'
2. When I call help ('h'/'help') or put a bad arg, it shows the help and get stuck. I want it to go back to the infinite loop and wait for more commands.

I've read the thread: how to make a Command Line Interface or Interpreter in python
It wasn't really helpful.

Can anyone help please?


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Write a subclass of cmd.Cmd –  Sunny Nanda Feb 12 '14 at 10:06
Thank you Sunny! –  Gur Arie Feb 13 '14 at 6:41

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