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I'm trying to use SVG (really XAML) to define a path which looks like a downwards pointing arrow.

\  |  /
 \ | /
  \ /

It is super-important that the edge of the arrow is sharp. I have tried with various combinations of M, L and z with no success.

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You should take a look at the Marker element:


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Have a look at this example from the SVG spec. You may want to tweak the 'stroke-miterlimit' property depending on the sharpness of the corner.

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I'd recommend to use something like inkscape and design the arrow (just draw a line, select it, go to object > filling / contour > pattern and contourline > endmarker) then save as pdf, rename the *.pdf to *.ai, open blend and import the ai file as adobe illustrator. It's a bit difficult, but I still prefer it over using blend. (i translated from german, so some menu items might be slightly different)

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After having done some research, I don't think such a thing is possible to do with a single path easily. I did manage to solve it all by finding a library of XAML arrows and then doing some trickery to rotate the arrow I wanted the way I wanted it.

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I agree with the above answer.

You (and your readers) should note the advent of Raphael (If they have not already) and also my offering for the SVG world.

I have been working for a year with Raphael and SVG. This link to my homepage might interest you (To those who are still listening and/or switched on to the power of Inkscape/Cross Browser SVG)


This home page is a hybrid of the W3C SVG recommendations and the javascript library and beneath it are all the resources to get up and running quickly with SVG and Raphael.

Regards Chasbeen.

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I don't know about SVG but this will produce a sharp edge in XAML (tested in XAML Crancher)

<Path Data="M 10 0 L 10 20 0 10 0 15 12.5 27.5 25 15 25 10 15 20 15 0 z" Stroke="Black"/>
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