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I just rebooted and re-installed git version 1.8.3.msysgit.0 and rebooted again on my Windows 7 pro 64bit.
And I can't type the letters i or r in the git bash. I can type I and R( capitalized )

These are not the letters you are looking for

I tried changing the font size, edit mode and dir but it keeps happening. I tried using alt codes too, but those don't seem to work in this bash screen.

I'm flabbergasted, What can I do to resolve this ?

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Have you checked ~/.inputrc ? –  mockinterface Feb 12 at 10:41
Aha, .inputrc contains some code to enable auto complete in python console. removing it fixes this problem, but now i can't do auto complete in python :| –  Willem D'haeseleer Feb 12 at 10:48
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Frequently there are key mappings defined in ~/.inputrc that can redefine the shell's interpretation of the keys.

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