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I have installed MongoDB using in my Ubuntu machine and the mongo instance is working fine.

I am able to do CRUD operations in the instance. I also installed the MonjaDB eclipse plugin and am able to see all databases/collections/documents in it.

Now, I want to create a sharded cluster in my machine. I am trying to create this way:

cluster = new ShardingTest({"shards" : 3, "chunksize" : 1})

It is giving the following error: Resetting db path '/data/db/test0' Wed Feb 12 15:46:43 Error: boost::filesystem::create_directory: Permission denied: "/data/db/test0" (anon):1

Also, I tried to create shards for existing collection. For this, first I tried to enable sharding in my database ("test")

sh.enableSharding("test") Wed Feb 12 15:48:14 uncaught exception: not connected to a mongos

Can someone please let me know, what might went wrong.

Thanks in advance,


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I can suggest that you follow the documentation from the MongoDB site to deploy your sharded cluster for the first time:

If you then wish to work through another product to aid in this then you can be more aware of what actually needs to be done and what is not happening.

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Try starting mongo shell with root user:

$ sudo mongo --nodb

and then in mongo shell:

> cluster = new ShardingTest({"shards" : 3, "chunksize" : 1})

If your problem persists check permissions and ownership for the directory "/data/db/". See mongodb Mongod complains that there is no /data/db folder answer.

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