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I have the following ScrollView



            android:layout_height="wrap_content" />

            android:layout_below="@id/board" />



Board class extends ImageView so you can consider that is just an ImageView MainNavigation extends View and in it's draw method I draw a bitmap as background.

canvas.drawBitmap(background, source, new Rect(0, 0, this.w_button, this.h_button), null);

So Board class is drawing a bitmap, MainNavigation class is also drawing a bitmap. Board bitmap is 4 times larger than MainNavigation's bitmap.

While I'm seeing only Board's image in my current scrollview area, everything is smooth, but when I start seeing some part of MainNavigation......there is a huge slowness and scrolling is no longer smooth.

So why while scrolling 4 times larger bitmap, everthing is fine, but when scrollView have to show some little bitmap(MainNavigation) everything went bad.

Both classes have custom draw methods. Entire views are drawn for 20-30ms. While I'm scrolling draw methods are no longer called. That's because I'm using hardwareAccelerated canvas. I have tried to switch it to false, but then everything is really SLOW.

I have noticed that if I comment the following line

//canvas.drawBitmap(background, source, new Rect(0, 0, this.w_button, this.h_button), null);

then everything is smooth. So I measured the drawing speed and as I said above it is called just once and it is between 20-40ms.

So how come that this line is executed just once, takes ~30ms and slow down entire scrollview ? What is happening during scroll action ?

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