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This has just started happening and occurs in all my projects when using Expression Blend.

It I click on any item in a page, lets say a ListBox, and then I want to bind to a property, lets say the ItemsSource, I do so by clicking the small box next to ItemsSource which gives you a menu of Custom Expression, Reset, Convert To Local value etc etc

When I select Create Data Binding... I don't get the Binding Window popup. If I try click anywhere with the mouse then I get the typical Windows sound when you try clicking away from a window that needs your attention. So to me it seems the window is there but its not showing. Any ideas?

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Did you ever happen to solve this? –  pquest Jun 17 at 17:05
No I think I ended up reinstalling visual studio and blend –  Gaz83 Jun 29 at 8:03

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