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I am using Spring AOP for logging. Code has 100s of classes. AOP config file contains below

    <context><resource uri="config://spring/objects" /></context>
    <objects xmlns="http://www.springframework.net">
      <object name="CustomerPresenter" type="WinClient.Presenters.Customer, WinClient" singleton="false" />
      <object name="EmployeePresenter" type="WinClient.Presenters.Employee, WinClient" singleton="false" />

      <!--Business Logic Layers-->
      <object name="CustomerBLL" type="BLL.Customer.CustomerBLL, BLL" singleton="false" />
      <object name="EmployeeBLL" type="BLL.Employee.EmployeeBLL, BLL" singleton="false" />

      <!--Data Access Layers-->
    <object name="EmployeeDAL" type="DAL.Employee.EmployeeDAL, DAL" singleton="false" />
    <object name="CustomerDAL" type="DAL.Customer.CustomerDAL, DAL" singleton="false" />

      <object id="CustomerDALWithAdvice" type="Spring.Aop.Framework.ProxyFactoryObject">
        <property name="Target">
          <object type="DAL.Customer.CustomerDAL, DAL" />
        <property name="InterceptorNames">
      <object id="TraceAroundAdvice" type="AOP.Advice.TraceAroundAdvice, AOP" >

      <object id="TraceThrowsAdvice" type="AOP.Advice.TraceThrowsAdvice, AOP" >

In the above code, Customer is the name of one of the class.
My code has 100s of classes. So to use Spring.AOP , I have to write names of all the 100 classes and I have create 100 entries for Interceptor Names. Is there any way using which I can use AOP for logging at DLL level.In the config file, I will just specify name of DLL and logging around advice will be done for all the classes.

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