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As outlined in a previous question (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/21648349/php-5-5-9-test-failures-and-internal-server-errors) my server administrator recently tried to install php 5.5.9 (using a wrapper) alongside our current configuration, which is php 5.3.8. The o/s is Opensuse 12.1, and it's a Plesk server (11.0.9).

After a successfull installation and initiating the new configuration on a specific vhost, every php script throws out a 500 Internal Server Error. The Apache logs do not show any useful information, however we were able to get mod_sec to pickup a fastcgi error which is as follows:


[file "fcgid_proc_unix.c"] [line 634] [level 4] [status 104] mod_fcgid: error reading data from FastCGI server

Apache-Error: [file "util_script.c"] [line 435] [level 19] Premature end of script headers: db.php**

This error appears only when 5.5.9 is active, and disappears as soon as we switch back to 5.3.8. This is the only lead we have to go on :(

We've also tried checking htaccess & permissions, so far no change.


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So what does db.php script do? It appears you're doing bad things there. –  N.B. Feb 12 at 11:54
What about PHP's error log? –  user555 Feb 12 at 12:10
The db.php script is just a component of a larger CMS. I should add that the ISE 500 occurs with ANY script, even if it's just a blank file with a .php extension. The only reason I included the fastcgi error is because it's the only unique message to occur when 5.5.9 is active. The PHP logs don't show anything out of the ordinary. –  Pete Feb 12 at 12:25
PHP-FPM has log of its own, enable it and check what it says. Did you compile PHP with --enable-maintainer-zts? Use php-config --configure to check if that configure option was used. –  N.B. Feb 12 at 12:45
Will do. I've spotted another clue. Plesk still shows the php version as 5.3.8 for the vhost, while it should be 5.5.9? –  Pete Feb 12 at 12:54

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Problem solved, finally.

In our case we had to CHMOD the cgi-bin for the vhost to 755 (it was 775). After that, smooth running!

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