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I'm sitting on a small project where some users should be able to write/read from a database (SQL Server CE) from a winform (written in VB.net). For knowing what person did what there will be a login function for the users.

What is best practice for storing the password? Of course I would not like to have it in plain text even if the DB itself is password protected. Is there a good built in hash function in SQL Server CE for storing this type of data, or should I let VB hash the password and store it the DB? What datatype should the password column in the users table have?

I want both "do" and "don'ts". Tutorials and links are more than welcome.

Note: This is for local purposes only, the auth is not over internet at all. Some may think I'm over doing it, but why not do it the right way any how?

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Try this... It's a very good thread about what you want... stackoverflow.com/questions/1054022/… –  chris_techno25 Feb 12 at 11:56

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